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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Moving into your first apartment is exciting and thrilling but equally as scary and overwhelming at the same time. There is a lot that goes into arranging the move, the rent, utilities, and more. Moving out comes with a variety of other responsibilities and challenges. 

Cute Bathroom

However, this is your opportunity to be truly independent, live the way you want, and embrace a newfound sense of freedom. You will be able to decorate your apartment exactly to your liking without any rules, regulations, or necessary features. 

While you’ve got to think about packing, saving money, and a number of other difficult tasks -- there are moments when you’ll be able to enjoy some of the fun aspects of moving. This could be picking out your new furniture and decor!

We’re focusing on the bathroom because no one wants a boring and bland bathroom. This is your chance to buy the decor that showcases your personal style and create the aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of having. 

If you are a down to earth, rustic, and simple person you may choose a minimalistic style and decorate with life -- yes we mean plants. Or maybe you prefer a sleek and modern feel, so you might want to choose a gray, white, black, or other neutral color scheme to achieve a sophisticated atmosphere. 

Your individual personality and unique qualities can come out in the decor you choose -- say a funny bath mat, or a motivational canvas for the wall. Your decor should make you smile and light up every time you see it -- that’s how you know you’ve chosen the right pieces. 

We’ve put together a list of cute bathroom decor items to help you in your journey! Steal ideas from us or use them to create an even better idea. 

  • Basics -- Bath Mats and Shower Curtains 
  • Wall Art 
  • Storage Decor 
  • Finishing Touches 

Back to Basics 

When it comes to your bathroom, start by picking a color scheme and ensuring your shower curtain and bath mat matches it!

The first thing you should do when picking out decor for your first apartment bathroom is select a color scheme and stick with it! This will make it easier on you later. When you’re at the store or shopping online, this will make it faster to eliminate the things that don’t match and focus on the pieces that do. 

Yes, you could head to the store and pick up a bunch of items that speak to you, but if you get back to your apartment and realize they don’t have anything in common, you’ll have a bunch of returning to do! 

We say, go big and bold on your shower curtain and pick a bath mat that matches at least one of the colors on your shower curtain. Even if the curtain has every color of the rainbow, as long as one of them matches the bath mat, you have created a cohesive style. 

Take this shower curtain for example, it’s bold and busy! Because of this, it might seem hard to select an item to match it, but the truth is, it’s super simple. The key is to select a solid color bath mat. If you pick a busy, printed one, like the shower curtain -- the two pieces will clash and compete against each other rather than harmonize. 

The bath mat could be dark green, light green, yellow, white, or even a beige color. Any of these colors would work together with the shower curtain. 

You might also choose your towel sets to match both pieces. Afterall, since your towels will be hanging in your bathroom, you could consider them to be decor. We’re assuming you’ll want multiple sets of towels, so you could select one beige set, one light green, and one dark green. 

Matching all of these items may sound silly, but imagine everything in your bathroom is blue and you have a green set of towels. It’s probably not the look you’re aiming to achieve. 

Once you’ve picked out all of your basic decor, it’s time to move on to the more fun decorating aspects! 

Wall Art 

Your bathroom wall art can be whatever you want it to be -- funny, inspirational, a handmade piece, or a beautiful picturesque scene. 

Wall art is where we think the personal aspects really come into play. There are so many different options for what you can hang on your walls and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about them matching anything (unless you want to). 

We suggest a canvas that has a funny or motivational quote on it. Why? Well, most people take their showers first thing in the morning or at the very end of the day. These are times when you might need a smile or reassurance. 

Imagine a restless night and waking up tired when the last thing you want to do is go to class or work -- a funny message on your bathroom wall might be just what you need to turn the day around. Or if you’re a night owl and you come home from a less than exciting day and get an unexpected laugh during your nighttime shower. It might sound weird, but trust us -- this could make all the difference. 

This ‘Work for What You Want’ wall art is everything. During a hard day, this reminds you to stay focused! You have to work hard to get to the point of having your first apartment -- so keep working and more good things will follow. 

If you’re an art major, or just an art lover -- we suggest going with something beautiful. If you have a favorite classical Renaissance painting, you can usually find printed canvases of famous works of art. 

Better yet, if you love to paint -- display your own work of art! Whenever you have guests over you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they ask where you got your decorations. Because you’ll be able to tell them you made it! 

Making your own art is free and a way to ensure you showcase your individual style. Paint whatever you enjoy most and hang up your master work in your own apartment.  

Storage Decor 

Not all bathrooms come with storage, so you may have to create your own storage space. 

Storage is an important and necessary aspect of your bathroom space. Depending on your bathroom, you might have limited storage or none at all. There are a lot of products you’ll need to keep in your bathroom -- so figuring out a stylish yet functional way to store your items is key. 

We suggest buying a roller cart. These carts usually come with three levels to keep your things. One level for your shower products, one for personal products like makeup and brushes, and another of your choice. 

This three tiered rolling cart is functional yet stylish -- the soft tones let it fit in a variety of color schemes without clashing. It’s also small enough to be set aside and out of your way when you don’t need it, but can quickly be there for when you do! 

What you include on the three levels is up to you -- one level could be entirely decorative, while the others store your items. 

We also suggest cute, decorative baskets that can be placed out of your way or fit inside of existing cabinets. A basket is a good way to provide organization and minimize clutter. 

Even though storage is necessary, it can still be stylish. Since this is your first apartment, make sure everything is to your liking. 

Finishing Touches 

Finishing touches are the smaller items like soap pumps, toothbrush holders, tiny decor pieces, and more.

Once you’ve decided on a shower curtain and coordinating bath mat, towels, wall decor, and storage options for all of your bathroom essentials -- it’s time to place the finishing touches. 

These are your small decor items like a beautiful soap pump or tray, a toothbrush holder, small decor items like a jar of sand or seashells from your favorite beach. It could be a display of candles on top of your mirror, or anything that is a reflection of you. 

If you love plants, we suggest placing one or two in your new bathroom. There are a number of houseplants that thrive in high humidity, bright light, and no light conditions. Perhaps a stalk of lucky bamboo to set on the back of your toilet, or a golden pothos to wrap around the entirety of your bathroom. 

Not all space has to be functional. If you have open counter space, you can use it to hold your favorite candle or vase of flowers. 

Bathroom plants help make the space feel natural and cozy. Image courtesy of Smart Garden Guide

If you love the shower curtain we picked out, then grab a live plant to go with the tropical vibes of the curtain. The two would harmonize and create a calming atmosphere. 

All of these little touches are your ultimate chance to personalize your space, so make sure you’re taking it seriously. This is your first apartment, so you should decorate it until you’ve reached perfection. 

From basic items, to storage options, and final touches, everything can be viewed as a decorative element. The more you put into your bathroom space, the more comfortable you will feel using it. This is your first apartment so go wild and pick out whatever makes your heart happy!