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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

One thing that everyone looks forward to when moving into college is decorating their dorm room. It’s a clean slate and you get to work with a blank canvas -- this is your opportunity to transform your personal style, showcase the real you, and let your individualism shine! 

Cute Bathroom Storages

Oftentimes, decorating your dorm bathroom gets overlooked -- but not this year. Since you wouldn’t skip decorating your dorm room, the bathroom shouldn’t be any different! There are many options for decorating and one of the best ways to do so is with storage items that will look beautiful and help keep all of your products organized. So, after you’ve finished setting up your dorm room, it’s time to take on the bathroom!

Most dorm bathrooms lack adequate space to keep everything you need -- towels, wash cloths, shower products, hair styling tools, makeup, and anything else that you typically keep in your bathroom. For this reason the available counter space typically becomes cluttered with everyone’s personal items. This can become a problem because you can no longer utilize the counter for everyday tasks such as setting your curling iron down in between uses or having somewhere to put your change of clothes for after your shower. 

A great way to avoid a chaotic counter space is to get creative and bring in alternative storage options. If you don’t have many items or products from your bathroom, then a simple cart with two shelves can do the trick. If you have multiple towel sets, shower products galore, and tons of self care accessories, then you’ll have to think of storage options with a few shelves, bins, or baskets. 

Having another location to store your items will make a bigger difference than you may think. If you commit to keeping all of your products in their rightful places, then you’ll always have usable counter space and your clutter problems will be solved! 

Let’s talk about the best dorm bathroom storage options to keep your bathroom neat and tidy while giving everyone a place to keep their essential items. 

  • Grab a Storage Bin 
  • Easy Over-the-Door Organizer
  • Moveable Roller Cart Storage Option
  • Over-the-Door Vanity Organizer
  • Cube Organizer for Personal and Shared Products

Declutter With a Storage Bin

These storage bins will hold more than you think and are a cute and easy way to coordinate with others. 

Most of the time, dorm bathrooms will have one or two sinks on a counter with cabinets, open shelves, or drawers underneath. If you have a counter with open shelves, then storage bins are a great option. 

Even if your sink has cabinets underneath, you can still use storage bins. Rather than having all of your products and tools laying all over the shelves or creating a chaotic mess inside the cabinets -- group everything together in one storage bin. 

With these bins, you and your roommates will know what bin belongs to each person, so this way you won’t accidentally use someone else’s product if you use the same ones. Likewise, you’ll each know exactly where your things are and you won’t have to go searching around the bathroom and bedrooms looking for them. 

If you’re set on coordinating with each other, this is an easy way to do it. You can each get your own bin and as long as they have the same metal grip, they will match despite not being the same pattern or color. 

We are loving the sophisticated gray pattern of the storage bin above. The neutral color pairs with anything and everything and will look great in your dorm bathroom. 

Measuring 15”x13.5”x10,” you’ll have more than enough space to store your things, that way your counter space is usable and you’re free of headaches!

Over-the-Door Storage Rack

When you don’t have any extra space available, take to the walls with an over-the-door storage rack. Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

As we’ve said, extra space is hard to come by in a college dorm room -- but luckily there are options for this! Most colleges and universities do not allow students to put holes in the wall and command hooks can’t bear the weight of two or three sets of shower products and other essential items. 

When your available space runs out, take to the wall space! An over-the-door storage rack is a great option to keep your products out of the way when you’re not using them and free up your cluttered counter. You also won’t need to fuss with potentially putting holes in the walls or using 10 command hooks to hold it up -- just put it over the door and call it a day. 

Our example only shows two storage racks and a few hooks for towels -- but don’t be discouraged if you have more than two people sharing the bathroom. Over-the-door storage racks are very versatile and there are options with as many as six storage racks, so you’ll have room for everyone’s items and then some. 

These racks typically cost anywhere from $20-70 dollars, so you can still purchase one of these even with a tight budget. 

Bathroom Roller Cart Storage Shelves

A roller cart is a good option if you have extra space and since it’s movable, you can easily change its location. 

If you have extra space in your dorm bathroom, consider getting a roller cart. These cute little carts have become super trendy over the years because of their versatility. Some students use them as a food pantry and others use them as extra storage for the bathroom. 

Roller carts typically come with three shelves -- though options with four are available. If your bathroom is big enough, this is probably one of your best storage options because it can easily be kept out of the way. 

Since it’s on wheels, you can move it to different locations if necessary or even park it next to the shower for convenience during a day when you’re feeling extra lazy. These carts are lightweight so it’ll be easy to move once the school year comes to a close. 

These carts usually range between $25-80 dollars, so these can also be purchased with a college student’s budget. You can make the price even cheaper if you and each of your roommates decide to split the cost. It’s a great investment that you’ll be thankful for later. You never know the importance of counter space until you’ve lost it. 

Over-the-Door Vanity Organizer

Get creative and use this over-the-door shoe organizer for your smaller bathroom products.

We would say that this dorm bathroom storage idea is for the girls! Hear us out first -- with a little creativity, you can use this organizer that’s made specifically for shoes and turn it into a hanging vanity. 

Girls have a number of products that easily clutter bathroom spaces -- makeup, brushes, hair styling tools, cotton balls and q-tips, small bottles of lotion and other products, etc. Girls have a ton of tiny products that take up space and when you double that across four roommates, the battle for space starts to get a little out of control. 

This over-the-door organizer is great for a group of four to a bathroom because you can each take a row of pockets and use the remaining row for shared products like cotton balls and q-tips. This is a quick way to free up your counter space. 

What we love most about this organizer is the easy access to all of your items. All you need to do is grab it from the pocket, no fussing around with opening doors or digging through baskets filled with items. 

This organizer also comes in a variety of colors -- so you and your roommates can be sure to find a color you can all agree on. 

Cube Organizer for Bathroom

This cube organizer is great for storing personal and shared items. Image courtesy of DIY Show Off.

This cube organizer might be a better option for students who live off campus just because it takes up some space, but if your dorm bathroom is big enough for this furniture piece then it will make a great storage option. 

As with the other ideas, this cube organizer has three storage bins that can each be claimed by one person. You can add more bins if necessary and place them wherever you like. For example, you can have four bins in the top half and use the bottom two cubes for shared items like toilet paper, paper towels, cotton balls, bath towels, wash clothes, etc. 

This is a cute storage option that looks sophisticated and modern, and it can be personalized with the bins of your choice. You can coordinate and all get the same bins or buy ones based on your individual styles. 

9 Cube White Organizer

The extra spaces can be decorated or used to hold other items. The top of the organizer is free for all! You and your roommates can decide how you want to use it. This would look adorable in any bathroom setting and help make your dorm bathroom feel like home. 

Figuring out how to store your bathroom items can be a difficult task -- especially when there are multiple people involved. These dorm bathroom storage options will satisfy every roommate by giving each person a designated place to keep their shower products and other personal items. This will ensure that your counter space does not become a chaotic, clustered mess, that way you’ll be able to use it when you’re showering or getting ready for the day. Just be sure to put all of your things back after you’re done!