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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

When you move into a new dorm room, you’ll want the place to feel like home. That calm feeling you get when you walk through your doors after a long day out is totally possible in a whole new environment. It is bound to take some time to get comfortable in a new home, but you can always speed the process along. There are ways you can make a new home feel more familiar to you. Part of that is adding your personality to the space. Decorating your dorm to showcase aspects of your personality will make you feel a lot more connected to it. 

When your place is bland and generic, there can be a dullness to it that makes it feel more like temporary housing than a home. A place that feels distant and temporary won’t be as fun to come home to as a place with some personality. You want to feel happy whenever you come into your dorm room every day. You want to feel comfortable when you step inside and when you spend your days and nights there. 

Your home is your base and one of the most important places you spend your time in. Making it as comfortable as possible is a good thing to prioritize. And the sooner the better. When your place feels like home, you feel good when you’re in it, so get started on making it comfortable as soon as possible. Read on to learn of some ways you can accomplish that!

What makes a place really feel like home?

There are universal and individual factors. 

People generally agree on the qualities that make a living space a home rather than just a place to live. One of the top factors in a place truly feeling like home is when it represents the dweller’s personality. People overall feel more comfortable when they can recognize parts of themselves when they look around their homes. Some of these aspects can be universal, like pictures or comfortable bedding, though many are up to each individual. 

Something else that makes a place feel like home is the comfort levels. You can make a place more comfortable by making sure that you have all the basic necessities around. When all your living needs are taken care of, your comfort will not be an issue. If you like to wind down by having popcorn with a movie, a way to make yourself feel like home is to have a TV or laptop in your dorm room along with bags of popcorn and a way to make it. 

Anything that is a priority for you in a living space should be accessible in your dorm room. And sometimes there are things that make a space feel like home that you might not easily think of. You can easily end up in your dorm room thinking there is something missing but not knowing what without having a plan in advance. This process can be relatively quick and fun if you know what to look for when you head out to shop. 

Put Pictures on Your Walls

Your walls are pretty much a canvas for your personality. 

A guy hanging a painting behind a couch.
This art work will make the room more vibrant. Image courtesy of RISMedia

Wall decorations play a large part in making a dorm room feel like home. When your walls reflect what you like, you’ll feel at home there on a daily basis. Paintings are great wall décor items for your walls. Paintings can really represent your personality and give you something fun to look at when you’re at home. They can set a great ambiance and make any dorm room visitors admire them. And there are many ways to display art on your walls. You can choose larger statement paintings or put up multiple small paintings. 

Something that can make you feel really at home is pictures of your friends, your family, and your favorite places. Coming home to the image of great memories will help you feel connected to your place. Even if you’re not settled in yet, the images of moments when you were feeling comfortable and at home will bring good vibes into your dorm room. You will feel connected to your place a lot earlier when you have sentimental pictures on your wall than if nothing in your dorm room reminds you of great times. 

Use Your Favorite Colors

Your favorite things should take up the most space. 

Your favorite colors can make your space feel more familiar. If you’ve loved the color blue all your life, surrounding your dorm room with blue will make it feel more like home because it will represent part of your personality. Any color that was prominent in your childhood bedroom can also have this effect. Seeing familiar colors and sights can bring back familiar feelings. 

Get Good Lighting

Lighting can affect how you feel. 

A blue and white bed next to a photo mural and neon blue lights spelling out "good vibes only."
This neon light accomplishes what it sets out to do. Image courtesy of Hairs Out of Place

Good lighting does a lot to make a place feel comfortable and homey. Having different sources of light makes it easy to set whatever ambiance you want in your dorm room. You can use lighting to make your room look warm and dim or use it to make your room bright and open. Warmer lighting can make you feel more relaxed while cooler lighting can make you feel more alert. Cool lighting will be best when you’re getting work done and then you can go for dimmer lighting once you’re done and ready to relax. 

There are different methods you can use to set up the lighting in your dorm room. A small lamp is good to add to a desk or a bedside table. It has some power to light your room enough to get reading done, but it’s not enough light to overpower the room. You can hang light fixtures up on the wall. Christmas  lights hung around your room can be a cool look. You can hang colored or white ones. 

You can also find light bulbs in colors like blue, green, or amber. As long as your primary light bulbs are bright, you can have fun choosing all the others you want to use. Faux candlelight can also be a good source of dim light. Since most dorms don’t allow actual candles, you can use flameless candles for the same effect. You can place them around your bed, on your desk, or whenever you’d like a dim glow when you turn the lights out!

Bring In Familiar Smells 

Smells can bring back memories. 

If you normally like the smell of lavender, vanilla, fresh laundry, or sandalwood, bring that smell into your dorm room! Get oil diffusers, plug-ins, or sprays that give off the smells that you like. Try bringing in items that smell like your parent’s home if that’s something that can make you feel more comfortable. Getting used to living in a new place can take some time, and if making your dorm room smell like the orange blossom room fragrance your parents use can speed up that process, it's certainly worth a try. 

Keep a Snack Pantry

Having snacks will keep you satisfied whenever you’re in your dorm. 

A table topped with various snacks.
This is a great variety of foods to keep around. Image courtesy of The Odyssey

When you’re in a comfortable home, you should have easy access to food. Anyone can have trouble truly feeling at home if they’re hungry and lacking the means to take care of that problem in their living space. You likely do most of your serious eating in the dining hall, but you don’t want to be left with nothing during the hours your dining hall is closed. 

If you have a traditional dorm room, you most likely don’t have a kitchen area. Snacks are the best thing you can keep in your dorm room to keep you satisfied when you need a bit of food, but you can also make small meals if you have a microwave. Turning a small part of your room into a space for food will do a lot to make your dorm room feel like home. You can use a part of your desk for this if you have a desk with enough space. You can also get a standing tray or top of a mini fridge for food and snack storage. A mix of sweet and savory snacks will satisfy any kind of craving. 

You will need just a few items to make small meals in your microwave. It is the simplest way to cook without a stove. You can’t make everything that you can make in a full kitchen in a microwave, but you can make a lot more than you’d expect! You can find many microwave recipes online that will show you how to do this. 

Make Your Sleeping Space Cozy

Refueling in comfort is really important. 

At your old home, you were probably used to your bedroom being separate from the rest of your living space, though this might not be the case in a dorm room. Some dorm rooms offer a small separate living room and a kitchen, but many don’t, especially when you’re a freshman. If you want your bedspace to feel more separate from the rest of your dorm room, you can do a few little things to make the area feel separate. 

You can use room dividers, a bookshelf, or tapestries to separate your bed. You can put a canopy around your bed or create a makeshift canopy with a tapestry and make your bed feel somewhat like its own space. You will feel really relaxed and at home when you can retreat into a separate area to sleep in. 

Warm Up Your Floors

A home should be comfortable enough for you to walk around barefoot. 

It is good to have a rug on your floor for maximum warmth and comfort. You can’t feel at home in your dorm room when you have cold feet. When you have a rug right by your bed, you have something soft and warm to step onto when you’re getting in and out of bed. A rug can pull a room’s style together since it's such a noticeable part of the room. You will really grow to value the type of rug that feels nice and soft under your feet and can even feel good to lie down in. 

Bring Some Things From Home 

Bringing sentimental items from home with you to your dorm room can go a long way towards making you feel like you’re truly at home. You could be tempted to decorate your dorm room with new things, but having familiar things around you can make you feel more at home, especially when your surroundings are unfamiliar. It will be nice to come into your dorm room every day and see things that you’re used to seeing once you get into your home. 

Get Comfy Seating

If you want to feel at home, a seating area is a good thing to add to your dorm room. You likely already have a desk, but if you’d like a more comfortable spot to hang out and relax in your room, you can form a little seating area. You can do this with large or small pillows, and it won’t have to take up too much space. This seating area can look great if you choose pillows that look good against your rug. Having a little table in the middle can make that space feel like a mini living room. You need a rug that compliments your seating area well and ties the space together. 

Making your dorm room feel like a home will be a task, but it's one that will be really satisfying once it's done. It can be a really fun part of the moving process to make your new place represent what you like, so have fun with it so that you can always be comfortable once you’re settled!