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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Think about this for a moment, it’s that time of year, you are in your room, debating on how you want your bedding in your future dorm to look. Of course, each color on the palette represents differently for each of us, but the colors that make the most statements or catch the most eyes are neutral color bedding.

Now, the reason why you’d want to choose neutral bedding: it’s simple, because these colors can match any tone you are setting in your space. Using neutral tones instead of darker or lighter tones will promote peace and simplicity in your space, and it will not be a hassle to wash if you happen to get a stain on the fabric.

Don’t worry about choosing a particular style or sticking with a strict budget -- we have personally tailored some Insta-worthy and inspired dorm room ideas around:

  • Stylish door room bedding packages for girls
  • Comfortable dorm room bedding packages for boys
  • Affordable dorm room bedding packages everyone will love

Dream away in blue

Inspired by the lovely @tbhallie on Instagram.

Dreams can come true with just a touch of blue.

When experimenting with color, we should not be afraid to try every single shade that we come across. However, if blue is for you, you should consider this hue! Not only is it just the right amount of neutral, but it is comforting and makes a statement. Accenting this blue with some greys and a hint of white, you will be settled in, in no time. Like we recommended before, using greys and some neutral toned decorations will help set the tone of your neutral colored room.

Get the look with this super cute Twin XL bedding set, a grey throw blanket, and white and silver throw pillows, and the hanging fairy lights. Click to shop!

  • Nautica Lancer XL Bedding Set - Snuggle up close in this super cute bedding! With a comforter, sham, and a three piece sheet set, you are covered for the entire year. Blue is one of the many colors we can use when attempting to try neutral colors. Don’t forget the matching pillows and a throw blanket to go along with your bed spread. Also, this comforter set will last you until graduation.
  • Stringed Lights - Whether you enjoy lining the walls with lights, or you prefer using something simple like lamps, stringed lights will be your new favorite to add to your neutral colored room.
  • Throw Blanket - Tired of using your comforter, or is it too warm for it? Use your throw blanket to cover and sleep away into a magical dreamland, surrounded by your neutral colors.
  • Throw Pillows - Using throw pillows for your bed will add an extra touch to your room. Don’t fret, we’ve got the best choice to help you add a little more color to your neutral blue tones. With white and silver pillows, you’ll surely be ready for the next chapter in your life.

Go pastel pink!

Inspired by @tellythecraftaholic on Instagram.

Don’t worry, pink is a neutral color for both guys and girls.

Pink is an easy and affordable color to work with, since there are so many options, there is a lot we can recommend to you. Starting off with bedding, you will want to get something that not only speaks to your personality, but is also minimalistic. This means that the style is simple, and it should only cost under a hundred dollars to purchase. Accent the comforter set with nice cream colored pillows, and throw in a ruffled throw pillow as well! To kick it all off, use a white sherpa throw blanket.

Get the look with this lovely chic shabby Twin XL comforter set, the beige throw pillow, white throw blanket. Click to shop!

  • Superior College Twin Comforter - This comfy and warm comforter will sure help you sleep at night, but it will also add an ambiance like no other. Step into this soft cotton set, where you feel embraced in comfort and will slowly drift off to sleep.
  • Beige Throw Pillow - Pillows are the epitome of a perfect comforter set. If you don’t consider purchasing this throw pillow, we will keep mentioning how lovely its texture is, and how many compliments you will receive when you move into your dorm. Already convinced? Start shopping now!
  • Sequin Throw Blanket - We all deserve to have at least one throw blanket before moving into our dorm or apartment. If you have considered many already, and have come up with no solid choice, you might want to take a look at this cute sequin throw blanket. With its white and silver tones, this adorable throw will make you feel warm on the coldest days of the year.

Don’t let your day become too gray!

Inspired by @alexandraaolivoo on Instagram.

Gray is a perfect accent color to add to any part of your dorm!

Gray is one of those colors that goes great with everything -- it’s kind of like the color black. However, if you truly want to pull off gray well, we recommend using some softer, and lighter tones of neutral colors. It makes sense because you are setting positive and light vibes. You pretty much want to promote good energy in and out of your room.

Get this look with this jaw droppingly gorgeous ensemble Full-Queen Size three piece comforter set. Make sure to style the comforter set with some throw pillows, a throw blanket, if you choose, and of course some decorations. You’ll want to purchase a letter board, a photo wall hanger, and some hanging lights. Click to shop!

  • Diamond Pom Pom Full-Queen Comforter three Piece Set in Gray - Don’t let your day get too gray with this fun bedding and fun essentials that are needed to achieve this look. This comforter set is perfect for any room, and it will especially keep you warm at night. Your bed might even become your new study spot.
  • Hangit Photo Display - Your room will not be complete without a photo display, especially one that you can mount on your wall. With two color choices to choose from, we truly believe the black will help the gray pop a little more. If you have a huge collection of photos, even ones that are not of family and friends, you might want to use at least two of these photo displays to show off your style in different styles of photos and postcards.
  • Wanda Yarn Woven Throw Pillow - If we could guess the color skein for your room, we would guess it’s all neutrals. Especially with gray being such a fun neutral color to work with, using a throw pillow with light and dark colors mixed in different shapes, sizes, and patterns, will help make your tired room come alive in an instant. This pillow is a nice addition to any room, especially if you are renting an apartment for the first time. Not only does this pillow work, but it’s mom approved, and she might even consider buying her own to use in her home.

Let’s rush yellow

Inspired by @jasdlane on Instagram.

Yellow is one of those colors you just need to use.

Yellow is a color that is admired, but hardly ever used. However, yellow does make for a fun color to experiment with, especially as a neutral color. If you do pick yellow, we recommend using simple decorations, and simple bedding. Artificial flowers make a great hanging piece, especially if there are lights going around the corners of your room. If you are a guy, we recommend using a simple tapestry, and maybe a desk lamp or a regular lamp to add more lighting to your room.

Get the look with a seven piece comforter set, a mustard yellow blanket, artificial flowers, a simple tapestry, and stringed lights.

  • Mina Victory Organic Cotton Throw Blanket - Snuggle up close with your friends during a late night movie night. This blanket can be used as an extra layer for your chair to make studying at your desk more comfortable.
  • Elisabeth Fredriksson Golden Geo Tapestry - This one is for both the boys and girls. If the flowers don’t appeal to you, especially if you are a guy, you might want to decorate your walls with this fun tapestry. With its gold elements, it will brighten your day and give you the confidence to help you succeed.
  • Easy Clip LED Lamp - If you don’t want to be that roommate who disturbs their roommate with late night reading or studying, consider investing in a clip LED Lamp. Not only will it be portable and useful, but it’ll help give more ease in the decorating process.

Let’s have a talk about orange

Inspired by @baileybroome on Instagram.

Orange you glad this hue works out so well?

Orange is another color that’s fun to experiment with. You can achieve this look by purchasing an orange comforter set, some pillows, a simple headboard. For decorations, you can purchase a mini mirror, a photo wall hang, and a mini hanging plant. There is so much you can do, and this is only the beginning!

Get this look with an orange and white tapestry, an orange comforter set, an orange blanket, pillows, and a mini mirror, and a headboard. Click to shop!

  • Iveta Abolina Maze Bed in a Bag - With this fun and gorgeous comforter set, you will be able to haul it anywhere you’d like. With a matching bag, you can take any piece of your bedding with you, just a little reminder of your dorm room. If you can imagine sleeping underneath these covers already, you might have just found your match.
  • Oval Wall Mirror - The theme of this room would not be complete without a mirror. This twenty four-inch circular mirror is perfect for those days when all you want to do is throw your hair up in a bun, grab your backpack, and go to class in your PJ’s. Yes, this is a regular occurrence, and the professors don’t care because they would do the same, too. So,  in case you want to share one of the mirrors in your dorm with complete strangers, it’s better to have your own mirror on hand in your room.
  • Raghav Wall Tapestry - If tapestries are on your checklist for wall decor, this tapestry is the one for you! With its many colors, such as orange, purple, and green, you will love hanging this and feeling the bohemian vibes it gives off. This tapestry is perfect for both guys and girls.
  • Supersoft Dorm Bed Headboard - Do you want your orange room to feel more sophisticated? Consider investing in a headboard! Dorm room approved, this inexpensive headboard will add extra elevation to your bed. This headpiece is perfect if you want a feel of home away from home. This headboard also comes with an easy to attach kit to help install it to a bed frame.

Have you thought about green?

Inspired by @averybraddock on Instagram.

If it’s your first time dorming, it’s alright to be green. We know how to inspire you to set the tone right. 

Green is fun to use. Although it may not go with everything, it is still nice to keep a theme of green going in your dorm room. Take advantage and shop for simple things to match your green comforter set, such as a rustic theme, like a wooden headboard, a throw rug, a storage container, and an accented piece such as a light pink throw blanket. A pom pom pillow will also help your room pop a little more.

Get the look with this ravello pintuck Full-Queen comforter five piece set, a cube storage organizer, a rustic headboard, and a throw rug. Click to shop!

  • Ravello Pintuck Full-Queen Comforter Set - Fall back into style with this breathtaking greenish blue comforter set. Be swept away into dreams with this comfy set. If you enjoy rustic designs, this set is perfect.
  • MeshWorks Shoe Shelf - Your room needs more organization, and we’re here to help! To complete your neutral look, and to still add more space and style, use this shoe shelf. With its color, it will add a hint of style and space to your dorm room.
  • Supersoft Dorm Bed Headboard - With this headboard, you will be feeling right at home. With its soft touch, and simple design, you won’t feel like you need to get another one later on. This headboard is also good to use until graduation.
  • Linear Bath Rug - A pretty design with multiple places you can place this rug besides your bathroom. This rug will add an extra touch of relaxation in your dorm, especially when you wake up in the morning. Instead of feeling a cold floor, you’ll be met with a fuzzy rug beneath your feet.

How does purple sound?

Inspired by @hey_makenna_rae on Instagram.

Purple is the new black.

Purple is such a pretty color, that no matter the shade, even if it is dark, light, or neutral, it seems to almost always work. In order to pull this off, you’ll need a ruffled comforter set, or if you are a guy, a simple purple comforter set. Pillows are a perfect way to make the comforter feel nicer. Also, accenting with an adhesive stencil of the eiffel tower and a corkboard with a map pinned up above a few pictures of friends. Also, a lantern looks nice with this color as well. .

Get the look with this three piece waterfall ruffle comforter set, an eiffel tower stencil, and a cork board to display pictures on.

  • Ravello Pintuck Full-Queen Comforter Set - You’ll feel fabulous with this gorgeous comforter set. This look will help you achieve that neutral color dorm room that you are searching for.
  • Circa Message Board - Let all who come to your room know when you are busy studying or if you are in class. With this message board, you are able to create more of a personalized look.
  • Paris Wall Strip - From your dorm room to back home, you’ll feel as if you are on a study abroad trip every time you leave and enter your dorm room. With this pretty wall strip, your room will feel a little more exotic with the Eiffel Tower and the rest of the Paris skyline.

Teal is always cool!

Inspired @kenziekelty on Instagram.

Teal is the real deal.

Teal is the ultimate color you’ll want to use in regards to what shade of neutral you want to use. Depending on your style of  comforter sets, we recommend a basic solid teal. And as far as decorating and storage goes, a simple chest for storage space can help make your space wider and more organized. Also, using a shaggy throw rug will not only look great, but it’ll also reduce noise.

Get the look with an eight piece comforter set with sheets, a reasonably priced chest for storage, and an awesome shaggy rug.

  • Ravello Pintuck Full-Queen Comforter Five Piece Set - In case you didn’t know, this comforter set is the best, especially if you’re looking for a minimalist feel. Set your room up right with this comfy comforter set.
  • Armored XXL Storage Trunk - If you are searching for more storage, then you have come to the right place. This nice, and sturdy, storage trunk will add that extra room you need, and will match the color you are searching for, for your neutral color room.
  • SoHome Carmela Maya Area Shag Rug - You might not be in the upper class neighborhood of New York called SoHo, but this rug will make you feel like a million dollars. With this rug’s plushiness, your toes will be wiggling with joy when you get out of bed in the morning.

Beige for days

Inspired by @sandradeco__sweet_home on Instagram.

Beige is basic, but we’ve got the right essentials to help spice it up.

Of course we have to include beige. It’s the color that is as simple as neutral colors can get. You can do a lot to copy this look. One of the many we recommend is purchasing a throw rug, purchasing small fake plants, stringed lights, and any other miscellaneous furniture you think would complement this color. 

Get this look with a premium Ultra Soft Duvet cover set, stringed lights, and anything else you feel can complete the look you are searching for.

  • Iveta Abolina Winter Wheat Bed in a Bag - If you are lucky enough to get this beautiful bedspread, you should take it! This comforter set will be the right choice for your dorm because it is portable, and it will keep you warm during those cold, winter days.
  • Prisma Wall Decor - If there some extra space on your walls, fill in any spots with this pretty prisma wall decor. These geometric shapes will add not only dimension, but a more modern feel to your dorm.
  • Brisbane Solid five by seven Area Rug - This contemporary rug will add that necessary style and comfort that you are seeking. Whether it’s for soundproofing as well, or if you want something to sit down on while studying or hanging out with new friends, this rug is able to make comfortability happen.

Let’s just stick with a basic white

Inspired by @sarasgoforth on Instagram.

Yes, white is plain. Have you thought of using another neutral, though? We recommend it!

Here is how it is going to go: we are going to stick with white, because white seems to be the easiest color to pair, and it is normally the least expensive. But it is still fun to use other colors to complement it , so don’t fret! With white, we can easily use it with another neutral, such as light pink, which gives it a base. Accented pillows in this scheme go great. Using a pink lamp on your nightstand will help keep the balance. Recommendations for decoration would be hanging wall lights to can attach pictures to, a poster, and a storage container, and perhaps a throw blanket as well.

Get the look with this diamond pom pom Full-Queen Comforter three piece set in white, an accent pillow, throw blanket, both in pink, and hanging picture lights.

  • DIamond Pom Pom Full-Queen Comforter Set - If you are seeking basic, sticking with white might be your best bet. White is also one of those neutrals that is safe to use if you don’t know what colors to match with it. Also, the soft material in this comforter set will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. With the pom poms, they help create a geometric pattern that will make you keep guessing where the pattern begins and ends.
  • Sammy Skull Metallic Embroidered Velvet Pillow - Don’t be ashamed to add a little pop of color to your all-white neutral colored room. This skull pillow will not only add color, but it will give a touch of your personality.
  • Soft Pink Extra Long Microplush Blanket - Fall right to sleep with this cozy plush blanket that will make you feel relaxed while studying. It’s machine washable, and is guaranteed to last until graduation. Feel cozy when studying with friends with this blanket.
  • LED Light Photo Clips - If you’ve got pictures that need to be hung, these light photo clips are here to help. To add some style, these LED light photo clips are here to hang up every photo you have brought with you, or you ripped from magazines, or gotten from an online store.

Let’s “taupe” about it

Inspired by @bails.c on Instagram.

Taupe is delicate color that is perfect for pairing with the rest of your decor.

Taupe is another neutral that works, but it is also similar to beige in shade, so you may want to choose one or the other. . What we recommend is a taupe comforter set, and like beige, it helps balance the room out and will create a natural atmosphere that will make you feel at peace. For decorations, a small hanging mirror, a dream catcher, a small stencil of a saying, and your own personal photos or some professional ones that you can purchase through sites like Etsy.

Get the look with a Queen Size comforter set, a mirror, some professional photos, a dream catcher, throw blanket, a hanging mirror, a throw pillow, and a small stencil.

  • Complete Campus Pak - Twenty Four Piece Twin XL Bedding and Bathroom Set - Not only will this set help you get ready for move-in, it will also help with avoiding having to go to the store for any extra pieces of furniture or decorative items you might need. This whole set will also last you until graduation.
  • Slick Knit Pillow - Although this pillow is gray, it will add that extra pop of color that you’re searching for for your neutral colored room. Taupe and dark gray match each other pretty well, as long as you purchase the right shades, you’ll be ready to rock it this semester!
  • Mantra Wall Decor - There should always be wall decor used in dorm rooms, especially if it is a neutral color dorm. The best type of decor for taupe is wall decals. Such as sayings and patterns, or a wall paper peel.

There is nothing better than using different themes and colors to help make a dorm feel like home. However, neutral colors are the perfect scheme, as they are customizable, and almost any other color is easy to pair with neutral colors. Another great thing about neutral colors is that they make sense to use. Aside from brighter colors, neutral colors promote a quiet ambiance and life. The color is your choice, and our recommendation is to use neutral colors.. With these Insta-inspired rooms, we hope we sparked a little bit of inspiration in you to go out and create your own neutral colored dorm room.