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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Decorating your dorm room is a lot of fun, but picking out the right bedding can be a little stressful. Your bed is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your dorm room, so when it comes to figuring out how to decorate the room, it is often the easiest place to start.

But picking out the perfect color for your bedding — and the rest of your dorm room — can be challenging. Obviously, you’ll want to choose a color and pattern you like, but at the same time you don’t want your bed to be too difficult to match with the other decorations and accessories you may have. 

Additionally, you’ll want your bedding to last throughout college (and maybe even beyond). This means choosing fabric that’s durable and a pattern that is timeless. You’re better off avoiding bedding that you might easily get sick of or that can quickly go out of style. 

Fortunately, there’s an easy answer to all of these obstacles: Black bedding. Neutral colors can get a bad reputation as bland and somber, but when used as bedding, they can be practical, minimalist, and sleek. This is especially the case when choosing black.

Here are some of our top picks in black bedding that are sleek and stylish but simple to match with. No matter what vibe you’re going for, there’s a good chance you can create it with black bedding — so long as you pick the right one!


When it comes to picking out bedding, the easiest — and often best — place to start is with comforters. Once you know what bedspread you want, the rest falls into place much more quickly. Here are some of our favorite comforters that will help establish a variety of dorm room atmospheres.

Let’s start our best of black bedding list off with the basics. The All-U-Need Twin XL Reversible Solid Microfiber Black to Stripe Comforter Set is classic bedding you can’t go wrong with. If you know you want black bedding that’s simple and sleek, why make your life harder than it has to be?

In case you do want to change things up down the line, this comforter also has a light gray reversible back. The set also comes with a gray and white striped fitted sheet and a pillow case, which go great regardless of which side of the comforter you choose to show off.  

This bed set is perfect for minimalists — it has everything you’ll need for college but won’t clutter your room with excess throw pillows or busy patterns. For those who find peace and meaning in simplicity, the All-U-Need bed set is the way to go, especially if your minimalist style favors neutral colors. 

Moving one step away from minimalist and one step closer to plaid enthusiast, we have the College Classic Twin XL Comforter-Gerard Black. Let’s face it, solid comforters aren’t for everyone. This bedding will add a little more personality to your bedding while maintaining the simplicity of a solid patterned comforter. 

Something about this bedding screams mathematician — it’s precise and geometric without sacrificing the simple aesthetic of a solid black comforter. But regardless of who you are or what you’re studying, if you want to add a little more pizazz to a simple solid black comforter, the Gerard-Black comforter is definitely a safe way to go. 

Alas, we have arrived at bedding that is entirely plaid. If you’re looking to combine black with a few other colors, the College Classic Twin XL Comforter in Wonderland is a great option. And if you’re a plaid enthusiast...well, is there really much more to say?

This bedding is a great example of how you can limit your color palette to only blacks and greys while still keeping things exciting. Neutral colors here definitely don’t mean a sacrifice in personality. What’s more, this bedding will work great with just about any accent color, making it an easy way to incorporate your favorite color into your dorm room with throw pillows and decorations without having to sacrifice versatility.

Although, not everyone is a plaid enthusiast. If you’re a fan of the Wonderland comforter but don’t dig the plaid, opt for the College Classic Twin XL Comforter in Black Easton instead. It has essentially all the same colors as the Wonderland, but in stripes. 

This bedding is a bit busy and unpredictable, again, showing that black bedding is no sacrifice in style. But despite the pattern, the Black Easton comforter is still very versatile when it comes to bringing in an additional color, like vibrant blues, reds or yellows. Wall art, desk lamps, throw pillows--you name it, it’s all so easy to match with this bedding. Just pick an accent color and run with it.  


The College Classic Twin XL Comforter is the essence of simple but chic bedding. The multi-colored pattern offers a respite from a completely solid comforter while maintaining elegance with black buttons. This bedding is perfect for anyone who wants their room to have a minimalist look to it while maintaining class on all levels. 

Opting for black bedding doesn’t always mean choosing something that is classic or simplistic. While black bedding looks great in stripes or plaid, these are by no means the only patterns it comes in. 

One look at the Holli Zollinger Diamond Lines in a Bag Set and you’ll see just how modern and fashionable black bedding can be. This bedding’s geometric and mesmerizing pattern isn’t the only neat thing about this set. It comes with a duvet cover, throw pillow, and pillow shams — all of which can be stored and transported in a bag. Even better, each purchase pays the artist who designed it, supporting creativity worldwide.  

If you’re looking for patterned bedding that is a little lighter in color, go with the Emanuela Carratoni BW Abstract Theme Comforter. Not only will it keep your dorm room interesting, it will also create a brighter mood by incorporating more white. Plus, if you ever want to change things up, the comforter also has a crisp white reversible side you can always fall back on if you get sick of black patterns — although, we don’t think you will.

Throw pillows

Nothing reflects your personality more than your choice of throw pillows, which makes them an absolute staple for any college dorm room. By far, the best thing about throw pillows are the wide variety of options. 

Depending on the look you’re going for in your dorm room, you can choose to incorporate more black in your bedding with throw pillows. Here are a few options that will match with the black bedding you’ve already picked out or introduce it into your room for the first time. 

For those who like checkered options the Caroline Okun Ebony Gingham Throw Pillow is a great choice, especially if your bedding doesn’t have many other patterns. This pillow’s oblong shape will stand out from other other throw pillows and shams, giving your bedding more personality as a whole.

Nothing reflects someone’s character more than words and phrases that capture their spirit. Throw pillows like the Kal Barteski Wake Up Throw Pillow are a fun but simple way to add more personality to your dorm room not to mention, it will break up — but complement — the black bedding you’ve already chosen. 

But even if you don’t have any black bedding, the great thing about this throw pillow is that it goes with just about anything. This makes it easy to incorporate pillows that reveal your personality into any dorm room, regardless of the other patterns or colors you’ve already implemented.

Another simple throw pillow that will add some character to your room is the Chelcey Tate Grace In Her Heart Throw Pillow. Some may find this pillow a bit more motivational than one that says “Wake up, eat breakfast, chase dreams,” which is a testament to how much throw pillows are a reflection of someone’s tastes. Regardless of the kinds of messages that resonate with you most, odds are you can find it on a throw pillow. Odds also are that you’ll be able to find it in black.

Blankets and throws

Comforters are great, but no bed is complete without an additional blanket. Here are a few options that will go great with the black comforters and throw pillows you’ve already picked out, while making a little bit of a statement on their own.

The Mina Victory Fur Black and Silver Throw Blanket is a cozy and chic option to add to your bedding. Its faux fur has a lush texture and a warm, plush ambience that will go great with most black bedding, regardless of the pattern. Not to mention it's perfect to cozy up with during long winters and movie nights. 

If you’re looking to incorporate a unique black pattern with your bedding, the Hygge Geo Throw is definitely the way to go. Its light weight makes it practical during warmer months and itss Scandinavian style and design will make any room feel more relaxed. 

This reversible throw is also very versatile — the front has stripes of various geometric patterns, while the back features a simple pinstripe design. No matter the room or occasion, you’re bound to find a practical use for the Hygge Geo Throw.

Now that you’ve seen just how versatile black bedding can be, the only thing left to do is figure out the kind of atmosphere you want to create in your new dorm room. But remember, regardless of the bedding you decide to go with, it will always be enhanced if you add a little black.