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Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.
  • after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the "When inside of" nested selector system.

It's the second month of the second semester of the school year, and you might be bored of your dorm room’s decorations by now. If you never did much to your room in the first place, now might be the time to start. It is never too late to turn your room into the kind of space that makes you happy. Even if you’re currently satisfied with the way your dorm room looks, you might be even more excited to try out a new style. 

There are tons of pretty dorm room trends, and the great thing is that they are popping up all the time. You can base your whole room around a theme, or you can choose to center a few stand out decoration pieces. Whatever you choose, make sure it really suits your personality! Picking out the right room decorations will make sure your dorm room feels like a cozy space that is all your own. Here are some pretty dorm room ideas we’re in love with this February!

  • Boho
  • Elegant
  • Single Color Theme
  • Plant Aesthetic
  • Whimsical
  • Earth Tone
  • Rustic
  • Minimalist


Bohemian decor has a creative and comfortable vibe.

This room is pretty and cozy. Image courtesy of College Life Made Easy

Boho is meant to be a fun and whimsical aesthetic. It is meant to give a relaxing vibe while being somewhat unconventional. To achieve a boho style in your dorm room, you can’t adhere to a “less is more” philosophy. Boho requires abundance. You can go all out and fill your room with all the eclectic items you want. It will only look more whimsical. A boho look works best for someone with an artsy style. For an artistic person, a boho inspired room can inspire your creativity and deepen any feelings of calm. 

A boho look can be achieved with the right colors, textures, and patterns. Bright and vibrant colors are central to achieving a boho style. It’s a good idea to use multiple contrasting colors, or even to go with a simpler set of colors. Earth tones work great to create a boho room. 

Texture is an element that contributes a lot to boho style. A mix of various textures need to be used. Some great textures you can incorporate into your dorm room’s decor includes macrame wall hangings, wicker baskets, rugs, and even plants. 

This wall hanging from OCM will add flair to your dorm room. It is attached to a wooden dowel for easy hanging and looks good when hung in a small space. It adds some texture and pattern to a space. 

Making use of different patterns is also needed to achieve the boho aesthetic. Combing patterns will add to the whimsical and casual feel of your dorm room. Tapestries, blankets, and pillows are a few items that can add fun patterns to your dorm room’s style. 

Single Color Theme

A dorm room with a single color as a theme can look really awesome. You can choose your favorite color, or simply one you’ll never get tired of, and place it all throughout your dorm room. This is a simple way to decorate that will bring you vibrant results. You can have a lot of fun with shades and patterns, which will keep your room from appearing too monotone. 

The color you choose should be used for everything. If you choose the color blue, try and purchase blue sheets, blue comforters, blue rugs, and blue lamp shades. Choose different shades of blue for most items to give the room some depth. Add the color to your walls as well with a few colorful photos and paintings. If you go for this theme, your room will be a combination of fun as well as neat. The single color will give your space a put-together feel. 

framed wall art

This framed wall art piece from OCM will make a single color theme room very vibrant. This will look awesome when combined with an overall yellow theme so there can be a mixture of deep yellows and paler ones. 


This style looks classy and put together.

This look will make you feel regal. Image courtesy of StyleBlueprint

An elegant dorm room is a great style choice for fashion lovers and those who love classic and pretty styles. You can achieve an elegant dorm room with a matching color scheme and classic pieces. Less is definitely more when it comes to pulling off an elegant look. Clutter will take away from any elegance you try to achieve, so an elegant dorm room should lean towards the minimalist side. 

Fuzzy accent pieces like rugs and pillows will add sheek elements to your dorm room. Fuzzy pieces are often centrally displayed in elegant rooms. Colors like white, gray, and black are known to give spaces a sleek and elegant atmosphere. Bits of gold or silver in some spaces will also help accomplish the look. Color combinations like black and white or gray and pink make for the perfect elegant backgrounds. A few glittery pieces can also fit in great into an elegant theme. 

shaggy pink rug
This shaggy pink rug will fit perfectly in an elegant style bedroom. It is soft and fluffy, and makes for a comfortable spot for you to step onto when getting out of bed. 

Plant Aesthetic 

A plant aesthetic is centered around the use of plants for decoration. This design theme requires more than just one plant. For this theme, you have to have several plants. Plants can really make a space come to life, especially when used as the main decoration. Your plants will be the focal point of your dorm room when you have enough of them displayed. You will feel like you have an indoor slice of nature when you’re in your dorm room. 

When choosing this look, you have to choose the right plants to own. Some plants are high maintenance and should be avoided when you’re a busy student. Some plants are low maintenance and well suited for dorm room living. Some of those plants include snake plants, bamboo, and succulents. They can be displayed on your walls, on the floor, and on your windowsill. Faux plants can also fit into this aesthetic. Adding vines to decorate your walls will make for a great display. You can go with real ones or go with fake ones for easier maintenance. 


This kind of space will lift your spirits.

All these colors and patterns make a room into a fun place. Image courtesy of Livinator.

A whimsical space is filled with colors and patterns and is a perfect fit for a fun personality. A whimsical space looks fun, vibrant, and artsy. This kind of style will fit someone with a big personality who wants to show it off in their dorm room style. To pull this look off, it is best to use a cohesive design. You should pair simple elements with more outrageous ones. That way you don’t overdo the whimsy. Having whimsical aspects mixed in with clean ones will give the room some balance. 

Mixing modern pieces with vintage ones will help achieve this look. Bright, modern pieces along with unique antique finds will pair well together. This look requires bright and vibrant colors. It's a great idea to use unexpected color combinations. A whimsical style needs to be a little off kilter. It has an element of oddity to it that comes off as endearing. Getting your dorm room some of the most unique items you can find will really bring your whimsical room to life!

Earth Tones

Earth toned room decor is becoming popular because of its serene look and calming effects. Earth tones are warm and relaxing. They give us a taste of the outdoors while we’re sitting comfortably inside of our rooms. Colors like brown, tan, gray, and green are the colors you see a lot out in nature. Because of that, they are naturally relaxing to us. Earth tones are very complimentary. They work very well together. They will make you feel connected to nature and to yourself when you are surrounded with them. 

When decorating with earth tones, it is best to use colors that are more subdued. Earth toned rooms are not normally bright, they use mild versions of earth toned colors. It is one thing that adds to the calm ambiance earth tones create. Earth tones also go with everything. You can mix and match them without having any colors clash. You can center one earth tone, or use several. Tan and green are earth colors that look great together. Brown and yellow also make for a great color combination. 


This choice of style is quite rugged.

This room can make you feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods. Image courtesy of By Sophia Lee

If you’d like your room to have a rugged cabin-like interior, a rustic look might work well for you. The word “rustic” refers to a look that is rough and aged. A rustic look has a casual feel that is meant to look somewhat old fashioned. Achieving this look requires several wooden touches. Using a wooden headboard is a good way to add wood into your room. The color brown should be prominently featured. With this style, you can incorporate lots of antique elements. 

While rustic decor tends to center the color brown because of all the wooden elements involved, you can easily incorporate other colors into a rustic space. You can use color, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Earth toned colors work well with a rustic theme, as well as bright colors used in moderation. Colors like white, beige, and other neutrals are good colors to choose for your bedding. You should have more fun with accent colors for items like throw pillows and blankets. 

Placing unique wooden items throughout your dorm room will up the rustic factor. Using branches as decorations will work great in your rustic dorm room. A branch ladder will be a wonderful addition to your bedroom. 

Cable Knit Square Throw Pillow
These knit pillows from OCM will look great in a rustic dorm room. These soft pillows made with sweater material will make your room feel even more like a cozy wood cabin than it already does.


When going with a minimalist dorm room style, you have to focus on the items that are most useful to you. Make sure you don’t take too much more than you need into your dorm room in order to avoid clutter. Minimalism is focused on creating a sleek style with straight lines and clear isles. There should be a minimum number of everything. Minimum furniture, decorations, and accessories. The few pieces you do have will stand out. 

When you achieve a minimalist dorm room, your space will feel clean and comfortable. The look of a clean and clear space can also bring you relaxation. A minimalist style fits someone who likes to be more subdued when it comes to their self expression. 

When it comes to minimalism, people usually go for subdued colors like white, gray, black, and neutral colors. You can go with that kind of color scheme or choose to go bolder with a pop of color. If you’re going to add bright colors to your minimalist space, you should avoid going overboard. Ideally, you should pick just one bright color, two at most, and use it for a few accent pieces. Brightly colored throw blankets and pillows will pair well with the neutral colors throughout the rest of the room. 

If you feel that it's time to change up your dorm room’s style, or if you’re just getting around to decorating, there are many themes to model your dorm room after. Following design themes like boho and rustic ones will give you a pretty dorm room to enjoy throughout the rest of the semester!