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Miriam Reid

Dorm Bedding

Modern Dorm Bedding for the Trendiest Among Us

Seven Up to Date Looks for the Perfect Modern Dorm
Dorm Bedding

Fashionable Bedding: 7 Fantastic Dorm Looks to Try This Year

Grab all your dorm essentials while staying in style
Dorm Bedding

Can't Miss Items To Include In You Custom College Dorm Bedding Package

Mix and match these fantastic options with OCM!
Dorm Bedding

6 Dorm Bedding Ideas for Your First College Dorm

Get the Look You Love for Affordable Prices
College Life

How to Do College During a Pandemic

Staying Safe, Staying Social, and Succeeding!
College Life

How To (Actually) Make Your Dorm Room Smell Better

With so many options for improving your room’s fragrance - diffusers, candles, plug-ins, sprays - which should you choose?
Dorm Bedding

How to Wash Dorm Comforters

Can you just set it and forget it? Depends how you set it.

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