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Dorm Bedding

OCM Partners With The Vogue Room Foundation to Provide First Generation College Students Dorm Room Essentials

OCM and The Vogue Room Foundation have teamed up to provide students from North Carolina dorm room essentials -- get the full story now!
College Life

Ask the Ambassadors: Words of Wisdom From Current College Students

Headed to college for the first time this fall? Our panel of OCM Ambassadors has a few words of advice for incoming freshman.
College Life

Ask the Ambassadors: What’s College Actually Like in 2021

Face masks and Zoom class and social distancing, oh my! College in 2021 has looked a little different than usual -- here's what our OCM Ambassadors have to say about what college life is really like during Covid-19.
College Life

Ask the Ambassadors: How to Establish Your New Routine

Worried about adjusting to college life? Don't be! Our OCM Ambassadors have been there, and they have tips for establishing your college routine.
College Life

Ask the Ambassadors: Packing for College, Here’s What You Need to Know

College prep isn’t over on Decision Day. Our panel of OCM Ambassadors lets you know what is (and isn't!) worth packing for college.
College Life

Ask the Ambassadors: Dealing with Rejection

Rejection is just part of the college application process. Our OCM Ambassadors weigh in on how to deal with college rejection and find the best school for you.
College Life

Ask the Ambassadors: How to Find the Right College For You

Choosing a college is a big deal -- after all, it’s the place that you’ll call home for the next four years of your life. Read what our panel of OCM Ambassadors has to say about picking the right school on College Decision Day.
College Life

Countdown to College Decision Day: Meet the OCM Ambassadors Who Have Been There, Decided That

For most colleges and universities in the US, the deadline to make your decision and make that first deposit falls on May 1st. OCM knows how important this decision is, and we’re here to help!

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