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Sara Nuss

Care Packages

The Top Final Exam Care Packages of 2023 That You Have to Get College Students

Trying to get through final exams can be tough for anybody, so make sure to treat a college student you know and wish them luck!
Diploma Frames

Unique Ways to Display Your Diploma - The Best We've Seen

Having trouble finding the best ways to display your diploma? Here are some of our favorite ways to do so!
College Life

First Day of College Captions Perfect For IG or Any Social Media Post

Celebrating your first day of college is an exciting and pivotal moment in any young adult’s life. Being able to show that with these amazing captions is perfect!
Dorm Decor

Boho Aesthetic Dorm Room Ideas

A boho aesthetic will make your dorm room look whimsical and unconventional, just like your personality!
Dorm Decor

What and How to Pack for College Dorms

Are you excited, yet nervous to move into the college dorms? We completely understand, so make sure to check out what and how to pack today!
Dorm Decor

First College Apartment Essentials That You Need to Be Fully Moved in

Make sure that you have everything you need to move into your first on-campus apartment with these essentials!
Dorm Decor

Freshen Up Your Room With the Best Dorm Room Aesthetics For the Change You Need

Are you bored of how your room looks and need something different? Here are some of our favorite dorm room aesthetics that you can choose from!
Diploma Frames

Five Different Types of Diploma Frames to Show Off Your Biggest Accomplishment Yet

As your graduation commencement approaches, it’s essential to get a diploma frame to proudly display your college diploma!

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